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Since 2002, Tricia Gosling has provided biofeedback services with EPFX, also known as quantum biofeedback.
This wonderful device is a highly complex, non-invasive therapeutic technology that energetically scans and harmonizes the body's stresses and imbalances, creates more awareness between the conscious and unconscious minds, and reduces the stressors that cause imbalances which can makes us uncomfortable. 
Stress reduction is the key!
Stress precedes disease.  Evidence exists to document that any of the following stressors can preciptate tension in the body:  toxicity, trauma, pathogens, mental factors, perverse energy, allergies, and heredity. 
The EPFX reads the body thru connecting with the client by placement of strips on the wrists and ankles and a comfortable band on the forehead. 
Combined, these strips have 55 electrical poles that download 64 million bits of information into the computer and subsequently reveal imbalances.  This process is able to reveal the state of the mind, body, and soul and offer frequencies which address the reason for the imbalances.
Vibrational or electromagnetic waves are the body's first signal that "all is not well."  These damaging frequencies are stored in the cells and could go unnoticed for many years, yet they could be detected by the EPFX long before physical symptoms erupt. 
It may be helpful to understand that the body is controlled and regulated by the Quantum Energy Field.  This field is a network of innumerable biophotons, which acts like an extremely fast supercomputer in the body.  Every thought and action is accompanied by an electrical activity in the nervous system and by biophoton communication among cells.  These electrical activities register a specific frequency and each cell in our body operates at a certain frequency.  Our cells network together to keep our body in harmony.

When a stressor enters the body, it produces erratic vibrations.  These vibrations can lead to disharmony, and potentiate injury and disease.  This technology addresses that disharmony with frequencies specific for the person's profile and needs.
Fee:  $65 per session (approximately 1 1/4 hour)
To find out about this exciting technology and what it can do for you, please call Tricia Gosling at 616-481-9074.
Please call Tricia to find out more information at 616-481-9074. 
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